Box Coating Ideas To Design Printed Food Packaging

Are you facing difficulty to protect your food? Do you think that moisture and other unfavorable factors decline the quality of your packaging which ultimately leads to the spoilage of food? The solution for these problems is to use coatings on printed food packaging.

All types of packaging in general and food packaging in particular need to be intact to keep the product safe. However, during transit and sometimes during storage, boxes get damaged. Particular humidity in the air and refrigerator are the leading cause of this damage.

To avoid such a loss it is necessary to add coatings on custom food packaging. With customization, you can multiply the benefits of your packaging boxes. Today we will discuss some of the common types of box coatings that are used to design food packaging.

What Are Coatings?

Coatings are protective layers of different types of material used on the packaging boxes. Their main purpose is to protect the box material from moisture and scratches and to keep them flawless.

When it comes to customized food packaging, it becomes necessary to increase the durability of boxes. Certainly, all top manufacturing industries use quality materials to design the boxes, however, to multiply the box strength, coatings are of sheer importance.

Types Of Box Coatings

With the increase in the demand for custom boxes, the variety in manufacturing materials, printing techniques, and box finishings has also increased. You can find a plethora of box coating options for printed food packaging, that will give multiple benefits to your brand.

The availability of different types of coating gives the opportunity to companies to select coatings considering their budget and product requirements. Below are some of the popular coatings options used in packaging industries to design boxes:

  • Laminations

When it comes to box coatings, lamination is at the top. This coating is used when a high level of protection is required. For instance, if you are selling frozen meat products you must need to prevent food contact with the bacterium campylobacter, which readily spoils the meat.

The best way to avoid this lethal contamination is to use lamination on the outer side of food packaging boxes wholesale. For box longevity and rust resistance, lamination must be the primary choice.

  • UV Aqueous Coatings

The second type of coating that can provide significant protection to the boxes is UV aqueous coating. While designing food boxes, many packaging industries use this coating as it is economical and sustainable.

As this coating is food-grade so the best option is to keep your custom food boxes with logo protected. Not only this, if you want to give a minimalist look to your boxes then this coating is the most suitable option because it gives a dim glow to the surface.

  • Gloss Varnish

If you are looking for a quick solution for your food packaging then use gloss varnish. This coating can be applied at the fastest rate. It is also eco-friendly and gives a significant protective ability to the boxes. Companies that have a low budget can benefit from gloss varnish to design their food packaging.

  • High-End Coatings  

If you have a big budget and you want to give a luxurious look to the packaging then you can use high-end coatings such as matt and gloss laminations and varnishes. These coatings are slightly more expensive than the above-mentioned ones but are excellent when it comes to protection.

The matt and gloss laminations decline the recycling ability of the boxes. However, the matt and gloss varnishes are eco-friendly so the best option to keep the packaging sustainable.

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To Sum Up

Printed food packaging help brand attract customers and inform them about their product. But the paper-based material used in these boxes needs to be protected by additional coatings. For this many companies use different types of protective coatings while designing the food packaging.

These coatings make the boxes moisture and rust-resistant. There are different types of coating available in the market and you can select one according to your requirement and budget. Gloss and matt are a bit expensive, for an economical option use aqueous coatings.


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