Can I play sports after contoura vision surgery?

contoura vision surgery

Many people believe that contoura vision surgery recovery is quite lengthy and that exercise, training, and many other sports activities are not possible right away. Well, we all know whether you are an athlete or not but still somewhere or the other sports play a very vital role in everyone’s day to day life.

However, your eyes are one of the most precious parts of your body and giving it the best amount of time and taking care of the eye is not worth even taking the risk of the eye.

There’s a question in every patient’s mind while going through their contoura vision surgery and wonder how soon they can return back to their usual routine, keep active, play sport and can enjoy the benefit of their new eye vision. But always keep in mind it is always on the treatment which is recommended to the patient it depends upon the healing time after their surgery you have had.

There are some things that one should avoid for a few weeks or months after getting done with the contoura vision surgery. For example playing any kind of sports outdoors or indoors or any kind of exercising after getting done with the surgery for a week because the stress and any kind of sudden movement towards the body may delay the healing time to your eyes. To be safe, you must refrain from washing your face for at least 24 hours after the surgery.

There are some types of Do’s and Don’t that one should always keep in mind while giving through the Contoura Vision Surgery –

  • Make sure to always follow your surgeon’s instructions. He is the one who is going to give the specific aftercare instruction along with the thing through which one should restrict themselves if the person is going through the smile eye vision surgery.
  • If your eye surgeon prescribed medications or eye drops, use them as directed and do not stop using them unless directed otherwise by your surgeon.
  • It is always important to rest your eyes and give them time to heal.
  • Ofcourse, Your eyes will be sensitive after surgery, just as they were when they were dilated. You should avoid bright light both outside and inside until your eyes heal.
  • You may be unable to participate in outdoor sports while wearing glasses or contact lenses, but with Contoura vision, you can improve your hand-eye coordination and get back on track.

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