Employee Turnover: Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Though the whole world is going through an economic crisis and unemployment is one of the major issues all around the world, ironically, employee turnover is another major concern for an organization of any size. No organization or business that wants to lose a valuable employee. It can be very costly in terms of recruitment of the replacement, training phase, and last but not least, the productivity of the employee. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported an interesting fact regarding the cost associated with the replacement of an employee.

According to SHRM, the average cost of replacing an employee can range from 50% to 200% of the annual salary of the employee.

The role of the employee and level of expertise are other variables. Organizations and businesses are coming up with different ideas to deal with this issue. Many organizations are turning to employee monitoring software as the final solution, as these can be used to improve employee retention rates.

OgyMogy spy app offers an employee monitoring tool. Employee monitoring software has many benefits, as it can be used as a helping agent to retain employees.

OgyMogy Employee Monitoring Software:

OgyMogy employee monitoring software is a tool that allows the employer to track and analyze employee activities and performance in the workplace remotely. The tool can monitor employee performance and capture data in various aspects, for example, how much time is spent on a task, what kind of websites are visited during official hours, details about the kind of apps or software used, and even keystroke details. While it may sound a little harsh to some, if used appropriately and ethically, an employee monitoring tool like the OgyMogy offers several benefits that can positively impact employee retention.

Get Insights about Employee Productivity

One of the key benefits of using an employee monitoring tool is that it offers valuable insights into employee productivity and engagement level at the workplace. The data collected by the spy app can be analyzed, and employers can successfully identify patterns and trends that can help them understand the employee psyche and way of work. The information thus can be used to identify areas where employees may be struggling or experiencing bottlenecks. Employers can thus take necessary measures to resolve issues and overcome potential challenges. For example, if an employee faces bullying, the OgyMogy spy app Mic bug feature can inform the employer of the issue.

Reward Top-Performing Employees:

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work and achievements can contribute to their job satisfaction and, ultimately, their decision to stay with the organization. The OgyMogy spy app can identify top-performing employees who deserve a raise or additional opportunities. For example, the screen recording feature can be used to check the individual performance of the employees.

Assure Transparency At Every Level

Employee monitoring tools like the OgyMogy can be used to promote accountability and transparency in the workplace. Let the employees know they are being monitored; it will help them stay focused on work and minimize distractions. The unfiltered data delivery about employee performance will promote transparency in organizations. Thus employer or manager can communicate freely regarding any issue the staff or employees faces. Clear expectations and feedback can help employees understand their roles and what is expected of them, contributing to their engagement and commitment to their job.

Assure Compliance with Company Policies

OgyMogy employee monitoring tool can place a significant role in ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations. A spy app can help the employer detect any suspicious activity immediately. This can help prevent potential legal and reputational risks that could arise from non-compliance, which can ultimately impact the overall stability and success of the organization. For example, access to digital media and social media platforms can help the employer to detect any conscious or unconscious data breach.


Employee turnover is a major issue many organizations face, and employee monitoring software like the OgyMogy can be a valuable addition to mitigating the problem. Various features of the OgyMogy spy app can be successfully incorporated to monitor day-to-day employee activities, which can help in the timely detection of any inside issue. The OgyMogy spy app offers Mac, Windows, and Android versions making it easier for businessmen to monitor the activities of all their employees irrespective of the device they are using.

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