How can I download HD videos from Facebook?

In the long journey of social media, Facebook has accomplished a vital role that can not be replaced by any other app. It comes with many features that bring entertainment, information, and business opportunities. With more than 2.5+ billion users, Facebook creates an opportunity to people to be closer together and build relationships.

When using Facebook, you will come across different types of media. However, users often try to download these videos on their devices. But, this is the most important benefit that Facebook has failed to deliver for its beloved users. So, this failure leads to the creation of Facebook video downloader apps. You can download HD videos from these apps with high-quality resolutions.

Through this article, we are discussing online Facebook downloaders under three sections.

  • Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android
  • Facebook Video Downloader Apps for iPhone
  • Facebook Video Downloader Online Tools

So, each section will give you a general idea regarding the Facebook Hd video downloaders. Now, let’s get to know what these three categories are. Are you ready guys????????

Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android

Android is the one of world’s number one mobile operating systems that is highly used by people. Among the other mobile operating systems, Android has been ranked first due to its multitasking and excellent software support. So, here are some highly recommended free Facebook Video Downloader apps for Android. These apps work perfectly on Android OS. Let’s check what are they.

KeepVid Android

This app will help you to download Facebook videos in high quality with multiple file formats. It also supports 4K resolution even at a faster speed. But, sudden crashes are reported while using this app.

Download Manager

You can quickly download all types of Facebook video files on your Android-powered tablet or smartphone. The most interesting thing about Download Manager is that it can detect links from the browser automatically. So, the users do not need to copy or paste them. Also, as large files are downloaded in small chunks, the downloading speed can be maintained without an issue.

Video Downloader for Facebook

The downloading process of this app is quite simple and faster. Also, the files can be directly copied to a hard drive or any other storage device.

Advanced Download Manager

This app is popular among users due to its well-organized platform and its capability of downloading all file types to the mobile phone. Moreover, it is designed with multi-threaded technology that helps to make every download process quicker. However, users have reported some issues like freeze issues and bug demands attention. Also, they have requested some improvements.


If you wish to experience an exciting download experience, you can use the High Definition Videos application. With its simple interface, anybody can easily download what they want. Also, it offers faster downloading speeds. However, sometimes, it may not recognize URLs. So, at a time like this, you have to add these URLs manually.

Facebook Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

Though there are so many apps available for Android, it does not go the same with iOS. There are only limited apps available for iOS. Here are some mostly used apps for iOS to download Facebook videos.

Tube Downloader

With Tube Downloader, iPhone users can easily have a good collection of videos. The user-friendly and simple interface makes you feel trustworthy toward the app. YOu can download HD-quality Facebook videos with Tube Downloader.

Cydia Prenesi

Cydia Prenesi is one of the best choices that iOS users have. This app is simple, unique, and user-friendly for users. Moreover, this Facebook Video Downloader app for iPhone assists you as in Facebook app because it works like a native Facebook feature. Also, it saves all the downloads directly to your camera roll. So, you can avoid useless media transfers.


This app helps you with organizing and maintaining files and stuff. Also, keep them safe and sound. The File Mater’s web allows you to begin downloading at once. With its modern user interface and multipurpose features, it has become more and more efficient. However, this is quite difficult for beginners to handle.

My Media

My Media is an extraordinary Facebook video downloader app, that amazes iPhone and iOS users. You can download this app through an APK file or App Store. You have to copy and paste the URL into the Media Browser. After that, it will ask you to download or play it. Also, it gives you the option to export videos to Camera roll or share them on other platforms.

Facebook Video Downloader Online Tools

Here comes the best option to download Facebook videos. Using this way to download Facebook videos, will not cost you any storage on your device because you do not need to download or install any software or application. Online tools are not only relevant for mobile devices, but also for PC devices too. Followings are the top five FB download video free tools.


If you are a person who loves simplicity, FDownloader is the best choice you will ever have. It is a simple, effective, and user-oriented tool that helps you to download Facebook videos in high quality with just one click. It is compatible with smartphones like iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc., and desktops like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. With the fastest download speed, you can download your videos within a few seconds.

Facebook Video Downloader

This online tool is super easy to use. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The videos you download from an iOS device will be downloaded in the iCloud Drive Downloads folder.


Snapsave is the best high-quality Facebook video downloader that supports both Android and iOS. This tool allows you to download HD and 4K videos with sound.


This is one of the best FB downloader online tools that assist you with converting mp4 to mp3. The only thing you have to do is to enter the URL in the provided box.


FBDownloader helps you to download any public videos, live streaming, and stories in high-quality MP4 format. You can use this tool on any device without any issues.

However, when comparing all these tools FDownloader has possessed a higher position due to its simplicity, efficiency, and high quality.

Throughout the article, I have come crossed with several Facebook downloader tools. All tools are special in their way. But, when considering a Facebook video downloader tool, you have to focus on facts like storage space, efficiency, and quality. I hope you will find the best tool for you. Read also!

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