How do I increase YouTube views via Instagram?

Are you interested in finding out how to use Instagram to grow your YouTube subscriber base? It cannot be easy to gain a following on YouTube, especially with so many videos being created daily. What is the remedy? You can also encourage your Instagram followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Even if you have little expertise in social media marketing, attracting Instagram followers to your YouTube channel can be challenging. We have put together this list of tried-and-true advice for you to utilize to raise your YouTube subscriber count easily. The only thing you need to get started is an Instagram account.

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your YouTube Video?

Are you a video producer? Do you know how to submit videos on websites like YouTube? Then you’ll be happy to learn that videos can be shared on all social media platforms. If so, you’ll be pleased to know that videos can be shared on all social media websites. It would be ideal for your cause to promote YouTube videos to the platform since Instagram has already established itself as a popular place for people to upload visuals like movies and images. But given that, how can Instagram be used to advertise your video content?

Use Direct Message Groups to Your Advantage

Within the last 12 months, Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows users to search for and join direct message (DM) groups on the service. These groups are a closed list of members who will publish content in exclusive themes. You are responsible for posting fresh content to a group and messaging other group members to request their likes and comments on the video.

You must message your favorite influencers in that field, asking them to join a DM group. To improve interaction with the source—your video—DM groups should be given other tasks besides liking and commenting on your video posts on Instagram.

Tag YouTube Channels That Repost Videos Similar to Yours

Be sure to tag other Instagram users while promoting your video if you notice that many of them are producing and uploading material that is comparable to yours. According to a website, tagging someone or a company on Instagram can be done in or on the image of your original post. In light of those, as mentioned earlier, you can tag many accounts on a single original post to generate more buzz, resulting in an increased YouTube promotion.

People should be redirected from Instagram to YouTube. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can direct users from Instagram to YouTube by including the link in your profile. You can update your bio by putting a link to your YouTube channel when you modify your profile. Amy Landino, a YouTube video producer with over 65K Instagram followers, is a wonderful example.

There is a link to her most recent YouTube video in her bio. The same logic applies if you are a YouTuber: why not promote it in your Instagram bio? You can post the link inside your bio, whether it’s to your most recent video, one of your most well-liked videos, or your YouTube channel.

Use Instagram to share branded content

Branded material has become a gold mine for many influencers, especially YouTubers. Consequently, when you advertise your videos on Instagram, track down sponsorships that align with your industry. Therefore, when you advertise your videos on Instagram, track down sponsorships that align with your industry.

As you search for a sponsor (or sponsors) to assist you in promoting your video content, Marketing Mag advises that you target your audience. Ensure your branding is visible on your content even when you permit people to share it so that the proper individual is credited for the initial post. Make sure your online security is trustworthy as well.

Active publishing is a good idea

The best times and days to publish on Instagram should be known, in addition to the necessity of updating frequently. In other words, just like you would plan your video production, you’ll need to plan the timing of your video promotion. Sunday is considered the “worst day” to publish content, despite weekends being a great time to promote videos. The “Insights” section of Instagram is the ideal place to look.

Employ powerful hashtags

You can no longer use many hashtags without giving them any thought regarding social media. Choosing the RIGHT hashtags is crucial so that your video marketing makes sense and doesn’t come off as spammy. One of the following methods will help you choose the most effective hashtags:

  • The hashtags that your favorite Instagram users (those with hundreds of millions of followers) regularly use in their posts can be seen by looking at their feeds.
  • Enter a subject, specialty, or interest in the search bar. Then click or tap the “Tags” link in the search results. Find the search results that are most pertinent to your video.

Use IGTV and Stories to your advantage

Ensure you incorporate your YouTube material into IGTV to increase your following and audience. Post videos pertinent to your topic, videos from making them, or even sneak peeks of upcoming YouTube videos. Remember to share your IGTV video in Stories to promote it across platforms!

Publish video links in stories

Finally, add video links to Stories and put the video link to your bio. Remember that you must have at least 10,000 followers or have verified your account. The chain link icon can be found in the top menu of your Story screen and is used to add links to your Story. The viewer can access the related item by swiping up on your Instagram Story once you’ve added a link.


Ultimately, having an Instagram account will help you grow on YouTube more generally. You’ll be able to use the strength of Instagram to market your video content by keeping these suggestions in mind.

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