How to download Rufus on Ubuntu: Complete guide

For those who prefer easy tech tools, an amazing opportunity awaits here. Are you excited to know what it is? Then, here we go…. Today, there are so many tech tools that are invented for various purposes. Rufus is one of the best applications that is specially created for creating bootable USB drives. But, the problem is whether it supports any OS or not. People frequently question whether Rufus for Ubuntu is available or not. So, today we are here to discuss how to download Rufus on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is an open-source, Linux-based operating system that is designed for computers, smartphones, and network servers. It is also free and secured with a built-in firewall and virus protection software. Therefore, Ubuntu is considered one of the world’s well-performed operating systems.

A bootable USB drive is a famous technique that is used to boot the computer using a file system stored in a flash drive. This is a great method rather than using hardware. A bootable USB drive works similarly to the Floppy Disk Drive (FDD). It deals with troubleshooting and provides an alternative way to repair, recover, or install an operating system.

Rufus is one of the best choices you will ever have to create bootable USB drives. Many people questions whether Rufus is only available for Windows or not. However, it will be a great advantage if Rufus for Ubuntu is actually available. So guys…. Read the following to know more about Rufus and Rufus Ubuntu Download.

What is Rufus?

Rufus is the best tool used for creating bootable USB drives. This is a popular free-source software that burns ISO files to USB. It can create ISOs that operate on Linux, Mac, and other operating systems. An ISO file is an exact copy of an entire optical disk such as a DVD, CD, or Blu-ray archived into a single file. Most people use these ISO files to back up their optical disk or store their data in a more functional way.

Rufus is a standard tool that values simplicity more than any other tool. It has become more popular among users due to its small file size of 13.2 MB. So, with this small software, you can create any kind of bootable USB drive with it. Moreover, this handy tool is flexible enough to format a USB drive, install an operating system that lacks a CD/DVD-ROM drive, or boot an operating system.

As mentioned in the very first, in ISO there is a copy that is similar to what is in a physical disk. So, with Rufus, you can store all these files on a DVD or on a computer by putting them in one ISO file. However, after Rufus installs ISO on your device, it will reformat the device. So, it is better to store your files elsewhere because there is a probability of losing files.

However, Rufus Ubuntu Download is a hot topic among Rufus users. As Rufus has become more popular, people question how to download Rufus on Ubuntu. So, let’s find out more information on the topic of how to download Rufus on Ubuntu. What do you think? Is Rufus for Ubuntu actually exist or not?

How to download Rufus on Ubuntu?

So many people inquire about Rufus’ versatility. They often ask questions like “Does Rufus for Ubuntu is available or not?”. The answer is “NO”. Rufus is a super cool tool. But, Rufus is clearly a Windows software application. So, you can not download Rufus Ubuntu for free or download Rufus latest version for Ubuntu. It does not support any other operating systems unless you install Windows on other operating systems. Though it helps to create ISO files on Linux, Mac, Ubuntu, and other operating systems, it is unable to run on these operating systems.

Rufus is a 100% entrusted tool that can not be easily replaced by any other tool. It consists of so many features that should be admired. However, as Rufus does not run on other operating systems, you can use alternatives for this issue. Now, let’s see what is the best alternative for Rufus Ubuntu Download.

Startup Disk Creator

Startup Disk Creator is the most effective replacement for Rufus. This is an official tool used to create bootable USB drives on Ubuntu. If you are a Rufus user who lamented without knowing “How to download Rufus on Ubuntu?”, Startup Disk Creator is the best option you will ever have. Here is the detailed guide to creating a bootable Ubuntu USB drive.


  • You can install or upgrade to Ubuntu
  • With Startup Disk Creator, you can test out the Ubuntu desktop experience without touching the PC configuration.
  • You can use tools installed by default on the USB stick to repair or fix a broken configuration.


  • A minimum of 4GB USB stick or flash drive.
  • Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 or later installed.
  • An Ubuntu ISO file.

Now, follow the below steps to launch Startup Disk Creator.

  • First, insert your USB stick
  • Then, on Ubuntu, use the bottom left icon to open “Show Applications”.
  • If you have an older version of Ubuntu, use the top left icon to open the dash.
  • Now, use the search field to look for “Startup Disk Creator”.
  • After that, select Startup Disk Creator from the results to launch the application.

Once it is launched, it will look for the files in your “Downloads” folder and attached USB storage.

Now, the detected Ubuntu ISO and correct USB device will be shown as “Source disk image” and “Disk to use” in the application window.

Then, it will ask you to confirm the USB device you have chosen is correct or not. This step is important because the stored data on this device will be destroyed.

Finally, you can create a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu.

Those who inquired about “How to download Rufus on Ubuntu?”, can use Startup Disk Creator as an alternative for Rufus. Though Rufus is one of a kind that is irreplaceable, it can only run on Windows OS. However, by using the above alternative, you can easily create a bootable USB drive on Ubuntu without issue. So, try it out and have a great experience using your PC.


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