How to Keep Your Cherry Wood Cabinets Clean and Shiny?

Your wooden kitchen cabinets are the backdrop of your kitchen. Thus, you should keep them in pristine condition. However, stray crumbs and splattered greases make them the hub for built-up grime. Such substances might accumulate whenever you cook. So, make sure you clean the cabinets from time to time. In case your kitchen cabinets are made of cherry wood, you might want to be a little more diligent about cleaning them.

To keep your cherry wood cabinets clean, there are a few tips that you should follow. Let’s check them out.

Use a Gentle Cleaning Solution

Don’t use scrub brushes and abrasive cleaners for cleaning your cherry kitchen cabinets as they might damage the finish. Rather you should prepare your own cleaner by combining dishwasher and hot water in a ratio of 1:2. You can also prepare a mixture of white vinegar and hot water in the same ratio. Warm water will help in softening the grunge and will make it easier for you to remove it. Pour the solution into a spray and use it to clean the cabinets.

Clean the Crevices with an Old Toothbrush

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets usually have deep grooves or ornate trim, which a rag cannot access. Use an old toothbrush and dip into a cabinet-cleaning solution. Then scrub the hard-to-reach areas of the cabinets using the brush. Make sure that you do not forget about the crevices around the knobs and handles of the cabinet as this might be tricky to reach when you are using a rag.

Avoid Let Water Seep into the Cabinet Hinges

Even though your cleaning solution is a safer choice for your cherry kitchen cabinets, it is not the right choice for the hinges. Surely, you don’t want your cleaning efforts to leave you with rusted hinges. Use a microfiber cloth for wiping away grime and dust from the metal. In case there is a grungy and greasy spot, simply spray 1-2 drops of cleaning solution on a cloth and scrub the dirty spot. When you are done, wipe to make the metal dry.

Wipe Away the Cleaner with an Ultimate Rinse and Dry

When you are done cleaning the cherry wood kitchen cabinets, go over them yet another time with a clean cloth that is dampened with lukewarm water. It will help in removing leftover cleaning solutions or grime, if any. Like the cleaner, it is better to make your way from the top of the cherry wholesale cabinet to the bottom. This will help in avoiding drips.

Allow the cabinet to air dry after you are done rinsing them can bubble or damage the finish. It is better to use a soft cloth for drying the damp surfaces and make them shiny.

Clean the Cabinet Stains with Baking Soda

In case dried grunge, stains, or grease remain on the cabinets even when you are done cleaning them, you will have to take an additional step. Take a small bowl and mix soda and water in a 1:2 ratio. Dap a dry, clean cloth to apply the paste to the dirty spots on the wholesale kitchen cabinet. Allow the paste to set for some time and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Rub it gently until the grunge is removed. Wipe the spot yet again with a cloth dampened with water and then wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

Do Not Miss Out on Periodic Cleaning

Take your kitchen cabinet cleaning to the next level twice a year. Empty the whole kitchen cabinet and then wipe them down, cabinet interiors, and inside of drawers using the same cleaning supplies we have talked about. Before you return items to the kitchen cabinets, consider if they are worth keeping.

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