What is the best photo video downloader for Instagram?

Download Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, is home to a vast collection of engaging videos. Whether it’s it is a funny clip, memorable moment, or knowledgeable video, you may come across videos that you’d like to download for later. Fret not, I’ve got you covered.

According to my experience, using an online downloader is the best method to download Instagram videos and photos. So, I’ve selected these top trending tools;

  1. VideoHunter
  2. Reposter for Instagram
  3. Quick Save
  4. 4K Stogram
  5. DownloadGram
  6. SnapDownloader 

Millions of great content are uploaded on Instagram every single day. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer any official way to download Instagram videos directly. To overcome this limitation, I’ll explore alternative methods that enable you to save Instagram videos. 

Why can’t we download Instagram images and videos?

There are difficult reasons why people want to download photos and videos from Instagram using a tool or app. Some people need to use images of other persons as inspiration for their own images. Some just try to use them as their own wallpaper. All these are security threats for the owners of these videos and images. As expected, Instagram prohibits such, and doing the contrary will violate the platform’s user policy.

It is understood that when you upload a photo or video on Instagram, it is presumed that you are giving consent in case people download them. Don’t forget to ask permission from the real owners especially when the private content. 

Trending tools for downloading Instagram images and videos 

I am including features in this list of Instagram video and image downloaders. So, stay with me until the end of the blog to know the best Instagram image and video downloader!


Download any videos you like! VideoHunter is available for iOS, iPhone users can download any videos from Instagram through this tool. This tool has a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and speedy performance that lets users download and save online videos and audio in many formats.


  • Easy search options and fast downloading
  • Save video and audio together
  • Download high-quality videos


  • Limited features
  • Limited downloads

Reposter for Instagram

This is also an iOS Instagram video downloader tool. Reposter for Instagram is one of the greatest tools for sharing and downloading high-quality Instagram videos and images with or without watermarks. Additionally, there is no paid option which means no charges are needed but with sort of less reliable updates.


  • You can remove the watermark
  • Save videos in original and high-quality
  • Completely free app


  • Too many apps alternatives
  • Lesser updates

Quick Save

Quick Save is used by thousands of users across the globe. It allows you to download images and videos from Instagram in a simple way. This tool comes with a lightweight and user-friendly prompt downloading through copy and paste URL method. Additionally, there are no in-app purchases which means completely free to use and download Instagram videos online whenever you wish.


  • Download public content from Instagram
  • Completely free tool
  • No glitches and bugs
  • Save high-quality videos


  • Private Instagram downloading is not supported

4K Stogram

Want to download Instagram videos on your PC? Look nowhere other than 4K Stogram is one of the best tools for Windows users for downloading Instagram photos, videos, reels, stories, and hashtags. The experience is overwhelming. This tool’s interface is quite impressive and easy to learn. If you’re a beginner, you can easily use this tool without any doubt.


  • You can also save Instagram stories and highlights
  • It allows you to download Instagram posts by user name or location


  • Limited features available in the free version


This tool makes you feel effortless in the download process. Once you use this DownloadGram app as an Instagram reel or video downloader, you will have a different experience. With this all-in-one tool, you can easily download versatile types of Instagram content from its platform. 


  • Completely free tool
  • One-click download option
  • Unlimited download
  • Fastest tool ever
  • Multi-photo, IGTV, and video download
  • No requirement to install any app or software
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Free from annoying ads
  • Trusted tool
  • No need to sign up or log in to save videos
  • No need to enter the personal information
  • Free from viruses and malware


  • No cons to show


This is another better alternative to 4K Stogram and works perfectly. With this tool, you can download several types of content from their Instagram profile as well as others. There are no ads in this tool, as well as the UI interface is simple and friendly. It will obtain and allows you to download videos in various resolutions.


  • Fastest downloading experience
  • No bugs
  • Great for beginners


  • No advanced features

FAQs from users

  1. Why should one use an Instagram photo downloader app or tool?

When it comes to downloading Instagram images, you can’t download them. As the simplest option, you can just take screenshots of your Instagram posts. But the results come with low-quality pictures. So, you have to use an app or tool to do this process.

 2. What is the one key aspect that every user needs to know before using an Instagram photo and video downloader tool?

Before using a tool, you need to know one key fact, whether the tool is free or not.

 3. Can I download videos from private profiles on Instagram?

Usually, most Instagram video downloaders allow the user to download photos from public Instagram profiles. There are certain tools that have a special feature to download photos from private Instagram profiles.

 4. Have there any extra methods to download Instagram content?

Yes, you can use the screen recorder method, Siri shortcut app, 3-rd party apps, Inspect Element feature, and more. And you can learn more about these methods on Google.


Downloading Instagram videos lets you enjoy and share your most-liked videos conveniently. By using online tools, dedicated apps, or downloading videos via desktop, you can save Instagram videos for offline viewing, sharing with others, or revisiting your preferred content. But remember to follow best practices, respect copyright laws, and use the downloaded videos responsibly.

What is your best tool or best method? Let me know in the comment section! 

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