Who is the Most Famous Youtuber In Uttarakhand

Youtuber in Uttarakhand, a state in northern India known for its scenic beauty and spiritual significance, is home to many talented individuals who have gained fame through their creative pursuits on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Who is Uttarakhand No 1 Youtuber?

It’s difficult to say who exactly is Uttarakhand’s number one YouTuber, as there are many talented content creators from the state who have gained a significant following on the platform. However, one YouTuber who has gained a lot of popularity and recognition is Sourav Joshi, better known as Sourav Joshi Vlogs.

Sourav Joshi is a Kumaon-based YouTuber who started his channel in 2019 and has since amassed a massive following of over 20.7 million subscribers. He creates content that showcases the natural beauty, culture, and his daily routine, and his videos have become increasingly popular with both locals and people from other parts of India.

How Youtubers Plan Content

Planning content is a crucial aspect of being a successful YouTuber. Content planning involves brainstorming ideas, creating a content calendar, and strategizing on how to create engaging and high-quality videos that will attract and retain viewers.

The first step in planning content is to brainstorm ideas. This involves thinking about topics that will be of interest to your audience and align with your niche. You can use tools such as Google Trends and YouTube analytics to identify popular topics and keywords that people are searching for.

Once you have a list of ideas, it’s important to create a content calendar. This is a schedule of when you plan to release your videos and what each video will be about. Creating a content calendar helps you stay organized and ensures that you have a steady stream of content to upload to your channel.

When planning each video, it’s important to think about the format, length, and style of the video. For example, if you’re creating a tutorial video, you may want to use screen recording software to show viewers how to do something step-by-step. If you’re creating a vlog, you may want to focus more on your personality and storytelling.

Another important aspect of planning content is to think about how you will promote your videos. This can include creating eye-catching thumbnails, writing compelling titles and descriptions, and sharing your videos on social media platforms.

Finally, it’s important to listen to your audience and take their feedback into consideration when planning future content. Reading comments, monitoring engagement metrics, and conducting surveys can all help you better understand what your viewers want to see and how you can improve your content.


Planning content is an essential part of being a successful YouTuber. By brainstorming ideas, creating a content calendar, and strategizing on how to create engaging videos, you can attract and retain viewers and build a strong following on the platform. For Readers!

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